Sunday, July 19, 2009

Falling for Felines

This time, my post is not about my dissertation work or about ancient Palenque, but rather about a temporary setback I am experiencing due to an unfortunate miscalculation I made while trying to keep some newborn kitties from getting soaked from an approaching rainstorm. It happened the afternoon of July 10th at the house where I am staying in the town of Palenque, Mexico.

Mommy kitty had given birth in an outside corner of the house. There is a small overhang above, but there are very strong winds that blow through here, so I decided to go upstairs to the flat roof above to see what I could do to protect them. This is a top view of the corner.

On the roof, I saw some sheet metal that I could simply move over a few feet so that it would overhang the corner and add protection (the sheet metal has now been moved back to the other side). Somehow, as I was doing this, I lost track of where the edge of the roof was located. If I had been standing, I would have noticed the location of the wooden railing that goes along the edge, but I was in a squatting position the whole time, as I moved the sheet metal over.

I then stepped on a portion of the sheet metal that was not stable and went tumbling down.

The distance I fell measures about 4 or 5 meters.

This is where I landed.

This picture of my wounded self was taken July 15th - 5 days after the accident. One wrist has pins in it and the other is in a cast. I looked pretty bad, but I am healing very well now and I continue to receive lots of prayers and assistance from loved ones and friends. Hey, I can even blog now! Life is good.

Soon after the Mexican Red Cross ambulance took me on the harrowing two-hour ride to the hospital in Villahermosa, mommy kitty moved her brood into the kitchen cabinet, next to the stove. All safe and sound now. Aren't they cute?


Kim said...

Well, I'm sorry to see about your accident, but at least it was for a worthy cause (you know me - - anything for kitties!). And you're in good company, as apparently the Pope broke his wrist too. We look forward to seeing you soon, and I will have all ladders removed by the time you get here. LOL

SidHollander said...

And you call THAT a reason for not visiting me in Merida! Get well soon.

Dea said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. But the best part is that you are all right. When the pins come out you will have a small lump holding the bones together, but not to worry. You will be fine.


Mark C said...

Elaine -
Wow! The old adage proves true once more - no good deed goes unpunished! Really though, I am sorry for your accident and will join in praying for a complete recovery!
Mark Cheney (Listero)

Mexique Ancien said...

Hi Elaine !

You haven't been well paid for your effort !
Hope you will recover your arms quickly.

From Monterrey...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Elaine,

Wow! Can't believe you broke both wrists! But helping animals is a good cause.

I broke one of my wrists last November. I've got a steel plate and six screws. But all has healed pretty well by now. I definitely know what you are going through.

My reason was trying to help a drunk friend out a front door (when I hadn't even had my first drink yet!)

Those therapy exercises are really the best thing. Keep up a good routine.

Jim Reed