Wednesday, July 9, 2008

¿Qué signo es usted? (What sign are you?)

Each day that I visit the site, I attract a larger number of children who work there. They run around to the tourists trying to sell little pendent necklaces with Maya day signs. (Signos! Signos!) They are always very curious about what I am doing and they gather round me and my computer to see. Most speak Chol and Spanish -- and enough English to be able to deal with the tourists. When they approach me, they think that I am connecting to the Internet, but I let them see the map on the computer screen and show them that I am editing a map of the site. On this day, two little girls approached me and I asked one of them to take a picture of us.

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Cacalotl said...

I'm sure you'll buy a necklace...
Congratulations for sharing your trip and your work with the mesoamericanist community